Four concerts with servings of wine | Curated by Maria Radutu

Audiences who attend a Maria Radutu concert expecting a traditional evening of piano are in for a surprise. The Austro-Romanian pianist does more than give a concert; she enters into a conversation with her audience, getting behind the notes on the page, and enticing the listener into new worlds of musical experience, while always seeking the path untrodden. As the conductor Donato Cabrera once observed, “There is absolutely no filter between what she feels and what she wants to convey to her audience”. This robustly direct approach will no doubt be evident in her concert cycle at MuTh. The series starts with the contents of her debut album, and it ends with music by the composers featured on her latest recording, namely Mieczysław Weinberg and Dmitri Shostakovich. This musical journey in between includes fiery rebirths and sleepless nights on an overnight train. Musical wine tasting: An hour and a half before each concert, there will be a hosted tasting of nine wines. Each will be perfectly matched to the musical programme of that evening’s concert, and also to the stories which gave rise to the music. For those attending, the interplay between aroma and music will offer a multi-sensory experience.
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WE 31.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Classic
| Concert
The Roman goddess Concordia was always shown carrying a horn of plenty. She personified virtues such as unanimity, understanding and harmony, all qualities which are clearly needed when musicians play together. And these characteristics are very much in evidence when Maria Radutu performs with other MuTh artists such as Sophie Heinrich and Matthias Bartolomey. We hear piano quintets by Mieczysław Weinberg and Dimitri Shostakovich. These two composers not only suffered similar fates, with both experiencing repression under Josef Stalin’s reign of terror; they were bound together by a lifelong friendship, and each held the other in high esteem. They also inspired one other, and this led to lavish masterpieces such as their quintets: powerful and sensitive, with an explosive power! The pre-concert wine tasting: CUVÉE CONCORDE - Each of this evening’s wines is the product of a friendship between winemakers - wines which have developed out of a shared inspiration and a sense of partnership. The wine tasting takes place an hour and a half before the concert, and is open to all who subscribe to the GLASWEISE KLASSIKER cycle. The wine tasting is not included in tickets purchased for this individual concert. Our thanks go to Transgourmet Trinkwerk for their kind support in arranging the wine tasting.
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