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It’s all in the mix. What makes this series special is its sheer variety: we hear CrossNova give Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” a new, freshly blended classical treatment, while in the Salzburg Marionette Theatre’s acclaimed piece “Pùnkitititi!”, Mozart sends a giant octopus into a hotel room. And this Christmas Joe Hofbauer and his gang let rip with seasonal Big Band hits such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. So best wrap up warm! Over at Café Drechsler, there’s a new musical programme on the menu. But they still serve up an irresistible mix of jazz, drum & bass, hip-hop, and soul. Meanwhile, the young lions of the New Piano Trio get to meet violin master, Benjamin Schmid. Timna Brauer paints a vivid and fascinating picture as she explains how to properly celebrate the Sabbath, and, in the final concert, Trio BreinSchmid&Donchev demonstrate their mastery of improvisation.
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TU 28.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | New music
| Concert
Since its founding in 2014, the New Piano Trio has been closely associated with Benjamin Schmid. For Florian Willeitner, the trio’s violinist and composer, Schmid has been a role model, a source of inspiration, and a teacher. Both of the main works in this evening’s concert — the sublime, elegiac “Valentinair”, and “Blue Folk Symphony”, which is the second movement of Willeitner’s Violin Concerto No.1 — are dedicated to Benjamin Schmid. As Benjamin Schmid once said: “Florian’s music is what we have all been waiting for: a combination of mind, emotion, and groove”. For this coming-together of the world-famous violinist and these three young colleagues, Willeitner has produced delicate, sprightly chamber music versions of these two works, which were originally composed for solo violin and orchestra. A selection of “best-of” pieces from the trio’s repertoire serves to complete the programme.
WE 10.
7:30 PM
World Music | Lieder & singing | Literature
| Concert
Young people | Adults
“And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it; because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made ...” In the Jewish faith, one of the most important of the Ten Commandments is to rest on Saturdays. From days past — under Roman rule, in Moorish Spain, in the Jewish shtetlekh of Eastern Europe — right up to the present-day in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world, the Sabbath is observed every single week. It offers time for purification and contemplation; time to get together with family and friends,and time for music-making. Through stories, psalms and songs, Timna Brauer, accompanies by her daughter Jasmin, invites the audience into the family circle, so that we can all celebrate this festive day together. A thrilling exploration of ancient musical traditions from Europe and the Orient.
MO 05.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Jazz | Classic
| Concert
There are many categories of so-called “light” music. On the other hand, “complex” music can also be made easy to listen to. In this concert we hear remarkable improvisations on classical violin pieces, witness the interplay between the musicians’ inner spirits and the groove, and learn how a jazz standard can constitute a complete composition. In a programme which includes treatments of classical works and their own compositions, Benjamin Schmid, Antoni Donchev and Georg Breinschmid conduct a three-way musical conversation, combining great virtuosity and instrumental mastery with impressive improvisational skills. Their repertoire has only one requirement: the music must invite improvisation. Music by composers ranging from Bach to Breinschmid and Grappelli to Weill provide the raw material on which these three outstanding musicians build their improvisations.
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