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Splendid small-scale theatre

MuTh presents a new subscription cycle: “Kammerstücke”. In this selection of programmes, we see some of our most popular performers on stage in small-scale productions. Here, closer to the audience, they can bring greater intensity to bear as they show what they are capable of, reveal what moves them, and tell their stories. Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl explore the madness of living together, in all its bizarre and humorous facets. Karl Markovics bravely dives into the world of wine bars and taverns, and spills the beans on eating, drinking and misbehaving. Sona MacDonald and Johannes Krisch play Marlene Dietrich and Ernest Hemingway, in a hitherto little-known little-known tale of unfulfilled love. Frank Hoffmann reads Alessandro Baricco’s tale “Novecento”. Baricco’s story, set on an ocean liner, is delivered here as a dramatic monologue with musical accompaniment. And the reading, singing and piano playing of Michael Dangl, Pablo Cameselle and Andrea Linsbauer convince us that there is nowhere else where lemons taste as sweet as they do in Italy!
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MO 17.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Literature
| Concert | Reading
Concert | Reading
What are the links that bind lovers forever? What is it that separates them over time? Marlene Dietrich and Ernest Hemingway formed a little-known yet very intense relationship, a connection which endured until his death by suicide. Sona MacDonald and Johannes Krisch trace the story of the eccentric writer, his wife Martha Gellhorn, and his beloved correspondent Marlene Dietrich. Sona MacDonald brings back to life legendary performers such as Billie Holiday, Lotte Lenya and Marlene Dietrich. Johannes Krisch specialises in strong character roles on film and stage, most recently in the highly successful film “Der Trafikant”. Philipp Jagschitz takes care of the music. A highly-charged production featuring three outstanding artists.
WE 03.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Lieder & singing | Classic
| Concert | Lecture
Concert | Lecture
Nowadays we can perform or listen to music from anywhere around the world without any restrictions. But authoritarian and totalitarian regimes can proscribe artists or their work for ideological, racist or antisemitic reasons. There are plenty of examples. The Nazis erased every aspect of Mozart’s work which might possibly point to his membership of the Freemasons. Because of his father’s Jewish heritage, Erwin Schulhoff was not allowed to perform during the years of Nazi terror, while Antonín Dvořák’s music was greeted with some reservations due to his Slavic background. Iván Eröd left his native Hungary following the suppression of the 1956 uprising, because of the way the communist regime stigmatised avantgarde music. Oliver Rathkolb Please note: This production replaces two previously scheduled events: NOVECENTO with Frank Hoffmann, and Martin Gasselsberger ‘s appearance as part of the KAMMERSTÜCKE (CHAMBER PIECES) cycle.
SA 13.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Jazz | Literature
| Concert | Play | Specials
Concert | Play | Specials
Frank Hoffmann and Martin Gasselsberger had plans for a major project, based on Alessandro Baricco’s monologue “Novecento – The legend of the ocean pianist”. Sadly, due to the sudden death of Frank Hoffman in June 2022, this did not come to fruition. It is with deep regret that we have cancelled this production. The “hero” of the story is a foundling child, who is discovered as an infant on an ocean liner and raised on board by an engine room stoker. His name comes from the year in which he was found: Novecento (= 1900). The adolescent Novecento discovers a piano in the ship’s ballroom, and teaches himself to play it - perfectly. The pianist Jelly Roll Morton, king of the ragtime style, hears about this, and invites him to a ragtime piano competition. We won’t reveal exactly how that turns out. But Novecento will never leave the ship.
MO 12.
7:30 PM
Lieder & singing | Literature | Classic
| Concert | Reading | Specials
Concert | Reading | Specials
„…im Land wo die Zitronen blühn!“ (.. in the country where the lemon-trees bloom!). There’s no doubt this means Italy, that longed-for land of the south. A programme of music and literature which places Mediterranean flair and Italian joie de vivre front and centre. Actor, Italy-lover, and author Michael Dangl reads from his book “Orangen für Dostojewski” (Oranges for Dostoevsky) and from his “Hymnus an den Süden” (Hymn to the South). Music is provided by the tenor Pablo Cameselle and pianist Andrea Linsbauer. Performing classics by Liszt and Mendelssohn, they show that, even in the 19th century, Italy was often celebrated in song as a travel destination. The programme also includes works such as familiar Neapolitan canzoni by Tosti and Leoncavallo, as well as well-known hits from the 20s, such as “Torna a Surriento!” and “Non ti scordar di me!”, both written by Ernesto De Curtis.
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