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Diaries of Jazz

In July 2010, I announced I was leaving the Vienna Art Orchestra. After that, to avoid a real crisis, I had to rediscover myself. I emerged from this process as an ascetic, and, at the same time, a “pianist”; that is, a pianist who had given up playing the piano at the age of 25, and who, at the age of sixty, started  to really practise for the very first time. Lia Pale’s path happened to cross mine — partly on purpose, and partly by accident — and by chance the idea arose of trying to adapt Schubert’s “Winterreise”. This really was diving in at the deep end. But after a while the deep water no longer bothered us, especially not an experienced deep-end jumper like me. The Winterreise was followed by a Schumann Songbook, a Brahms Songbook and a Handel Songbook. Then came My Poet's Love* (with my settings of Rilke and Heine), The Other Way Around*, and Dichterliebe Extended*. Thanks to MuTh, staging the Solitude Diaries* means that ultimately all eight programmes will have been presented. For each one of them, I have been composer, arranger and pianist - and this is now my new life. mathias rüegg
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WE 16.
7:30 PM
Jazz | Lieder & singing
| Concert

mathias rüegg “Seven Bagatelles for Soley“ (premiere performance),  with songs by CHARLES CHAPLIN, RICHARD RODGERS, ARTHUR HAMILTON, HENRY MANCINI and others, in arrangements by mathias rüegg

The finest ballads from the Great American Song Book – transcribed as if for the classical Lied format. Interpreted here by pianist Ladislav Fančovič and baritone Matus Uhliarik. Before that, the thirteen-year-old  Soley Blümel gives the premiere performance of seven bagatelles by rüegg.

TU 24.
7:30 PM
Chamber music | Lieder & singing
| Concert

ROBERT SCHUMANN Op.48 “Dichterliebe”, in its original form and in  arrangements by mathias rüegg

Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” meets rüegg’s adaptation. rüegg has produced new arrangements of twelve of the songs and has not only set them side by side, but taken this further: the vocal line switches between the accompanists, the piano parts entwine and all the boundaries grow blurred.

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