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Ballettgala, Boris Nebyla Schwanensee, Foto:

RESCHEDULED: Ballet Gala and Swan Lake Suite
Gala performance by the Dancearts Boris Nebyla ballet school

Just a white tutu and a diadem of feathers is all it takes, and there she is – the most famous character in ballet by far, the white swan. Sometimes she dances across the stage alone and sometimes in company, but the swan is most often pictured in a group of four. Tchaikovsky composed the ballet’s music between 1875 and 1876, and the choreography created by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov was first performed in Saint Petersburg in 1895. This version set new standards: Swan Lake soon became the definitive story ballet.

Extracts from Swan Lake form the centrepiece of this year’s Christmas gala by the Dancearts Boris Nebyla ballet school, in which young pupils aged five and upwards are joined on the MuTh stage by students from the school’s professional training course.

During the first part of this gala performance, each class gets to show their skills, dancing a wide range of choreographies in a variety of styles.

Tickets: €35; Children and young people: €15

  • Choreography: Shoko Nejime and teachers from the ballet school
  • Artistic Director: Boris Nebyla
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