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Galakonzert Freunde der Wiener Staatsoper, Foto:

Gala Concert, celebrating 45 years of the Friends of the Wiener Staatsoper
A festival of music, with eminent guests from the international opera scene

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The Friends of the Wiener Staatsoper celebrate their 45th anniversary in the company of major international figures from the world of opera.

The Friends is a community formed from the ranks of the opera-going public. They arrange discussions with notable artists on opera matters , and they organise series of events such as “Salon Opéra” and “Musical meets Opera”. However, the Friends’ “core repertoire” consists of arranging operatic tours around the globe.

Selected arias and duets with piano accompaniment — and much more besides

Tickets: Band A €90/ B €60/ C €40; box seats: € 150

Tickets can only be ordered direct from the organiser:
FREUNDE der Wiener Staatsoper
Tel.: +43/ 1/ 512 01 71 (note: until 17th August only a standby service is available )

  1. May 2021

    Masterpieces for clarinet and bassoon
    Spotlight on the clarinet / Daniel Ottensamer in the MuTh

    • Im Zentrum die Klarinette

    Passion and courage
    Spotlight on the clarinet / Matthias Schorn in the MuTh

    • Im Zentrum die Klarinette
  2. June 2021

    New Piano Trio: I <3 Pop
    Eine Liebeserklärung