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ifive, BRG Wien III, Foto: Ulrich Permanschlager

iFive – A devil of a deal – too good to resist!
A musical production by BRG Wien III celebrating “100 years of Boerhaavegasse

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Temptation, betrayal, and more. 18-year old schoolboy Filip Faustner, known to one and all simply as “Five”, longs for love and craves popularity. Is that too much to ask? He enters into a devilish pact. But the deal is too good to be true. In doing so he puts at risk not only his relationship with the one he loves, but also his career as a YouTube star. But misfortune rarely travels alone … will he be forgiven, is his soul forever lost?
Tickets: Ticket sale details (adults €17, children and young people €10) will be available at from 10th February 2020.

Musical about an 18-year old schoolboy who enters into a devilish pact.

  1. April 2020

  2. May 2020

    Innehalten – Gegen Ausgrenzung
    Wort & Musik / Wiener Sängerknaben

    • Innehalten

    Auf dem Wasser zu singen: Schumann und Schubert
    Schorny in the MuTh

    • Schorny in the MuTh

    Billy & Johnny / Die Strottern
    Welcome to the fringes in the MuTh

    • Welcome to the fringes in the MuTh

    Haydn – Bartók – Dvořák or “El Americano”
    Minetti Quartet in the MuTh

    • Minetti Quartett in the MuTh

    Moser & Steude
    Volkhard Steude in the MuTh

    • Volkhard Steude in the MuTh
  3. June 2020

    Tribute to Beethoven no. 1
    Bartolomeys in the MuTh

    • Bartolomeys in the MuTh

    Aquarium, or the Last Chance
    Musical for an actor

  4. September 2020

    Monika Ballwein celebrates The Beatles
    A fresh take on Beatles classics

  5. October 2020

  6. February 2021

  7. April 2021