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Spirituosi © Brigitte Zaczek

Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime): Latin Roots
With the Spirituosi ensemble

There will be no interval during this production. The buffet will be available before the production starts and after it ends.

In 1492 the “Santa Maria”, with Christopher Columbus on board, made landfall in the Caribbean, bringing European music with it. Over time this music came face-to-face with the mystic songs of the indigenous peoples and the richly varied rhythms of the African slaves, giving rise to new dance forms and new styles of music. Examples include Peruvian waltzes and polkas, the Argentinian samba, and the merengue and bachata from the Dominican Republic.

In “Latin Roots”, Spirituosi give classical composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Niccolò Paganini a Latin tinge, blending South American culture with their Spanish roots.

Tickets:  €17 ; box seats €25; Senior citizens: €14; Children, young people and wheelchair users: €9

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