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Erich Schleyer, Foto: Erich Schleyer, Foto:

Mit 80 wird nichts mehr verschleyert (Once you reach 80, nothing is hidden any more – in German)
A literary festival with Erich Schleyer and Sain Mus

arrow verschoben auf 24. September

To mark his 80th birthday, Erich Schleyer invites you to join him in a literary festival with texts by Berthold Brecht, Loriot, Robert Gernhardt, Erich Kästner, and Erich Schleyer himself. Taking part in the celebrations and providing musical accompaniment will be that congenial duo Sain Mus, who are famously at home in any musical or literary genre!

Texts by writers from Brecht to Schleyer, with music Sain Mus

  1. April 2020

  2. May 2020

    Auf dem Wasser zu singen: Schumann und Schubert
    Schorny in the MuTh

    • Schorny in the MuTh

    Billy & Johnny / Die Strottern
    Welcome to the fringes in the MuTh

    • Welcome to the fringes in the MuTh

    Haydn – Bartók – Dvořák or “El Americano”
    Minetti Quartet in the MuTh

    • Minetti Quartett in the MuTh

    Moser & Steude
    Volkhard Steude in the MuTh

    • Volkhard Steude in the MuTh
  3. June 2020

    Tribute to Beethoven no. 1
    Bartolomeys in the MuTh

    • Bartolomeys in the MuTh

    Aquarium, or the Last Chance
    Musical for an actor

  4. September 2020

    Monika Ballwein celebrates The Beatles
    A fresh take on Beatles classics

  5. October 2020

  6. February 2021

  7. April 2021