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Proletenpassion Best of, Foto: Joel Herrnstadt Proletenpassion Best of, Foto: Joel Herrnstadt

RESCHEDULED: Best of the Proletenpassion, and other treats
Songs (in German) by Heinz Rudolf Unger & Co

Georg Herrnstadt, singer Beatrix Neundlinger and multi-instrumentalist Peter Marnul together composed many of the songs on “Proletenpassion” (Passion of the Proletariat), the classic political folk-rock album. And in their opinion, many of these songs are still “shockingly relevant” today. Yet another good reason to hear them again in this “Best of” collection!

Together with Herrnstadt, Willi Resetarits and Heinz Rudolf Unger were also heavily involved in this political oratorio by the Austrian band Schmetterlinge. The work was first performed in 1976 as a theatrical production under the direction of Dieter Haspel at the Wiener Festwochen, and soon achieved cult status. It was recorded “in concert form” the following year, and released as a triple album. A number of revivals serve to demonstrate the continued relevance of the Proletenpassion album. These include “Proletenpassion 2015 ff.” by and featuring Gustav and Christine Eder, as well as a number of concert performances, such as that staged at Theater Essen in May 2019.

By way of a foretaste, here is just one pithy passage from Proletenpassion: “Wir haben eure Geschichte geschluckt, jetzt machen wir unsere Geschichte. Wir wollen die Wahrheit, die ganze Wahrheit haben, durch eure Lügen ging sie uns verschütt.” (We’ve swallowed all your stories, now it’s us who’ll forge our history; we want the truth, the whole truth, which your lies have kept a mystery).

Due to COVID-19 and the associated control measures, it has proved necessary to postpone this concert from 29th October 2020 to 5th March 2021. All tickets already purchased remain valid for the revised date. If the rescheduled date is not convenient for you, we will gladly refund the cost of your ticket. Please get in touch with our Box Office team ( / 01 347 80 80). We appreciate your understanding!

Tickets: Standard tickets: €25; children and young people / students: €18

  • Vocals: Beatrix Neundingler
  • Saxophone: Beatrix Neundingler
  • Flute: Beatrix Neundingler
  • Vocals: Georg Herrnstadt
  • Piano: Georg Herrnstadt
  • Guitar: Georg Herrnstadt
  • Vocals: Peter Marnul
  • Mandola: Peter Marnul
  • Mandolin: Peter Marnul
  • Harmonica: Peter Marnul
  • Violin: Peter Marnul
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