Musik & Theater

Dear concertgoers,

Thu, 27. April 2017

Elke Hesse

Elke Hesse at Muth. Photo: Moritz Schell

Can you cast your mind back to 2012? Back then, this place was still a building site. Nowadays, talented musicians perform here around 300 days a year, keeping their audiences spellbound. Five years ago it was me who was held spellbound, watching the craftsmen at work. At that time it was difficult to imagine that we would actually launch a regular programme in that same year, in our very first season.

This venture, which initially looked like something of an experiment, has now become a firm fixture in Vienna’s cultural landscape. Partly this has been due to programming a unique combination of established artists and dedicated, up-and-coming young talents. But there is another factor that has undoubtedly played a major part here: as our guests frequently remind us, regular attendees and first-time visitors alike feel very much at home in our concert hall, with its superb facilities and excellent acoustic. And that’s exactly what we wanted. We wanted to create a space which inspired people, encouraging some through the experience and expertise which the venue incorporates, and others through the freshness and exuberance it embodies. We believed this approach would enable MuTh to become the truly special place we wanted to have. And now many people want the same thing — our guests, our audience members, and those numerous others who have yet to get to know us.

When I look back yet again at these five years, my strongest memories are of meeting people and enjoying fresh experiences. And that goes back right to the beginning. Even back when all you could hear was construction work, and the only music was the sound of drills and circular saws, of hammers and nail guns, I had so many wonderful encounters and experiences. And in the end, that’s what stays with us: encounters and experiences. Encounters with artists. Musical experiences. Meeting audience members.

And, even at this early stage, I can already promise you a great deal to look forward to in the season ahead. As we head down the home stretch toward MuTh’s fifth birthday,
once again some truly exceptional encounters and experiences lie ahead. Just take a look at our programme.

I hope to see you soon. With very best wishes,

Elke Hesse