Musik & Theater

Dear friends of MuTh!

Tue, 9. June 2020

Elke Hesse, photo: Moritz Schell

As I sit here writing this letter to you, dear audience, we still find ourselves in an extremely difficult situation. The last few weeks and months have been challenging for us all, and this still remains the case. Our marvellous 19/20 season firmly cemented our place not only in the cultural landscape of Vienna, but also internationally. But no sooner had we started to celebrate this success, when our very existence as an independent theatre came under threat. At the time of writing these lines, it is hard for me to look further than a day ahead. So I hope that, by the time you come to read them, the worst is behind us. Being unable to perform for you has made this a dreadful time for us and our artists.

But this wouldn’t be MuTh if we hadn’t committed from the outset to keep looking forwards. Our passion for all things new remains undimmed. And we believe this search for the new is our mission here in Vienna, the city of music and theatre. We are surrounded by world-famous venues, with wonderful productions and international stars, and fantastic culture abounds everywhere in this city.
In the shadow of all this greatness, we never tire of seeking out the truly amazing. Things that provoke wonder and surprise. The previously unseen, and the rarely heard. Art that embodies being alive — where can such things grow and flourish? Why, here at MuTh, of course. We listen out for what lies beyond the established realm, and what we discover is — the new. Because great art is not restricted to famous venues. In fact, it is often more the case that the true value of the art lies in its finding its own route to developing a unique artistic signature.
And that’s the purpose of MuTh. In the German language, MuTh sounds the same as “courage”. As previously mentioned, it’s no coincidence that we chose this name. And in times like this, we must live up to it. Various people have commented on this
over the years, and it is precisely this quality of courage which many major artists value in MuTh. We have no wish to be drawn into the dazzle of the international spotlight. We prefer to stay focused on the work of the artists.

And by the way, dear audience, you yourselves have played no small part in enabling MuTh to become a well-known name in the cultural landscape of Vienna. Your support and feedback — or I should say, your loyalty and feedback — has made MuTh a firm fixture in the local cultural landscape.
This emboldens and encourages us. Yes, you, dear audience, give us encouragement each and every evening. So now we can indulge our passion for the new, with the exciting journey of discovery before us in our 2020/21 season. We look forward to your support for yet another season. And we would like to offer you a preview here on our website of some of the destinations that lie ahead. Of course, the real discoveries await you in the Concert Hall itself, and we look forward to welcoming you there.
See you soon at MuTh!

Yours, Elke Hesse
Director, MuTh