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Dear friends of MuTh!

Thu, 27. April 2017

Gerlad Wirth

Gerlad Wirth

This year MuTh will be five years old. And that’s something we want to celebrate with all of you; not just through music of course, although music in all its facets will be at the forefront of the celebrations.

Our concert hall is a centre for children’s opera. It is a place where children perform for other children, and for grown-ups as well. This season we will re-enact the life of Mozart, and on Gottfried von Einem’s 100th birthday we will be performing his opera “Tulifant”.Also, we will once again present our celebrated production of Benjamin Britten’s “The Little Sweep”.

Our concert hall offers a platform for new work and fresh approaches. The “Innehalten” (Pause for Thought) series features words and music set side-by-side. This year we will be considering the concepts of “Inclusion”, “Explosion”, “Mission” and “Vision”.

Our concert hall is a space for fresh encounters and meeting people. MuTh thrives because of each and every one of us. We are delighted that the venue has been so well received that many of you keep coming back. To keep it this way, please let us know what moves you most. Help us to shape MuTh’s future. MuTh creates possibilities!

Thank you very much!
I look forward to seeing you again at MuTh.

Gerald Wirth