Musik & Theater

Here’s to the future!

Fri, 10. May 2019

When I sat here at my desk a year ago, thinking about the future, I could not have imagined the marvellous evenings, wonderful artists and one-of-a-kind experiences which that future eventually shared with us and our audience. Of course, there were a few surprises along the way. But it’s always like that with the future. We plan and we scheme, but the future always has something completely different in mind.

And that’s how it’s been this last year, with our magnificent plans interrupted by unexpected events – which can prove to be rather a challenge. But MuTh wouldn’t be MuTh if it didn’t grow and develop in these situations. The fact that we always come out of these challenges stronger than before is down to our inimitable team, our “MuThineers”, and today I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to each and every one of them. I would like list all of them here – there are 64 in total (yes, sixty-four!) – and thank each of them in turn: the team that keeps everything here clean and in good working order; our people in the bar and the box office, who are our strongest link with our audience, being in direct contact with them every evening; my team in the office; our stage technicians; and our PR team, our graphic designers and photographers who have been ensuring for six years now that we are visible and present out there in the city.

Six years ago, we had in mind something that was no more than a dream of the future. Now it has become reality. Our own distinct presence, our own MuTh language, a voice in the city’s cultural landscape that cannot be ignored. To put it briefly: I am constantly amazed at how my colleagues here succeed in creating the magical atmosphere which makes MuTh such a special place. My heartfelt thanks for that!

So now we can look to the future with confidence and courage. We have lots of new things planned. The coming season will feature even more events. And we will be testing the boundaries and venturing new things, including in our new cycle “Welcome to the fringes”. We will also be reaching out even more to young people. This next season will see more attention paid to the young, and there will also be a specific cycle dedicated to youth. Of course, we will still continue to present, and even to expand, our tried and tested favourites.

So our plans are laid. Now I’m excited to find out if my personal favourites prove to be yours too. Or, to put it another way: the future is very welcome here. And of course, dear audience, you are too – and hopefully you will once again come in droves.

Elke Hesse
Director, MuTh