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To our wonderful audience (and those who haven’t visited MuTh yet, but are looking forward to doing so)!

Wed, 8. August 2018

Usually I finish my editorial pieces by expressing my thanks to the Pühringer family for all they have done: for their dedication and commitment to young musicians, for bringing different cultures together, for uniting the young and the young at heart, for enabling the experimental as well as the well-established, and yes, even for MuTh itself. Today I want to express my gratitude at the outset. For there are times when we are reminded that artistic freedom is not a given; in fact it is something that has been won over time. And occasionally it seems that we must keep fighting to protect this achievement.  For those of us here at MuTh, the Pühringer family allows us to experience real freedom and independence. This is marvellous good fortune – and more than that, it is a gift.

So I find it especially pleasing that the people of Vienna, and others from much further afield, are using this gift – and treasuring it – more and more. In our last season we sold more tickets and subscriptions than ever before, and we’re looking forward to a similar result in the season ahead. Take a look at our programme, set out on this website in the usual way, and I think you will agree we have strong grounds for being confident.

Here you may come across Gerald Wirth’s children’s opera “Die Reise des kleinen Prinzen” (The Little Prince’s Journey), presented by the Vienna Boys’ Choir with Michael Schade. Gerald Wirth has added the new role of a singing narrator to his composition. Our children’s opera cycle, presented in conjunction with Wiener Taschenoper, is the only one of its kind in Vienna. This has been a huge success, so we are naturally carrying it forward into the new season.

And, in our chamber music cycle, which features new pieces alongside proven favourites, you will have the chance to meet Clara Frühstück, as she steps out again into the performance space and continues her series of flamboyant concerts.

Meanwhile Helmut Jasbar presents music which refuses to be categorised or pigeonholed. Perhaps best known as a moderator on Ö1, where his guests have included an extremely diverse range of musicians. Our new cycle “G’mischter Satz” (A Blended Vintage) reveals the lighter side that sometimes lies behind great sounds. Don’t miss out on the fun! In the “Mozart in my hands” cycle, the Vienna Young Philharmonic offers young pianists the opportunity to play all Mozart’s Piano Concertos with an orchestra. Some of these concertos, incidentally, were performed here in the Augarten by Mozart himself. Our Christmas Eve concert with the Flying Schnörtzenbrekkers features a surprise appearance by a relative of the Strauss dynasty, right here in MuTh – Ivica Strauss. Then we have our Carmen project, with three musicians, four singers and a narrator, namely Jürgen Maurer …

Actually, it’s probably best if you just browse through the programme a bit by yourself.

Oh yes, there’s one more piece of exciting news: next season we will have a wonderful new Bösendorfer concert grand featuring the latest in piano technology. We’re all looking forward to it – especially the pianists. And I’m looking forward to seeing you at MuTh!

Yours, Elke Hesse

Director, MuTh

Elke Hesse

Elke Hesse, Photo: Moritz Schell