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Thu, 26. March 2020

Die Reise des kleinen Prinzen (The Little Prince’s Travels)

An opera for children in four acts, by Gerald Wirth after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A light aircraft comes down in the desert. But it’s not serious. The pilot is unhurt, and he is able to repair the damage. It’s a bit boring though …and so his thoughts drift back to his childhood.
As a child, he loved to paint. Once, in a book about giant snakes, he read that boa constrictors – which are very large snakes that can grow up to ten metres long – swallow their prey whole, and actually dislocate their jaws to enable them to do so. Elephants can grow up to six metres long and three metres high, which is a little smaller than a giant boa. The narrator had imagined what would happen if a giant boa ate an elephant. And then he drew it. His picture was a masterpiece. He showed it to the grown-ups. By rights, they should all have been afraid. But instead, they thought he had drawn a hat!
All at once the little Prince was standing next to the pilot. He asked the pilot to draw a sheep. This was a very unusual request. The pilot tried; but he couldn’t manage to draw a sheep properly . After all, sheep are not easy to draw. Then he had an idea. He would draw a box, with the little sheep inside. The Prince was highly delighted. He wanted to take the little creature with him, back to his home planet.

This is a live recording of a production staged at MuTh.

An opera for children by Gerald Wirth, after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Libretto: Kirk Miles
Music: Gerald Wirth
A production by MuTh, the Vienna Boys’ Choir’s Concert Hall, 2018/19 season
Musical Director: Manolo Cagnin
Director: Philipp M. Krenn
Sets and costumes: Christian Tabakoff
Video: Bernd Kranebitter
Narrator: Michael Schade
The Little Prince: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Nathan / David
Astronomer: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Philipp / Timo
Rose: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Aloisa / Mae
Conceited man: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Bastian / Ryusei
King: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Simon
Businessman: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Philipp / Matthew
Lamplighter: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Lars / Sebastian
Geographer: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Mattheus / Maris
Fox: Soloist from the Vienna Boys’ Choir – Johanna / Mae
Vienna Boys’ Choir (Kapellmeister: Manolo Cagnin)
Vienna Boys’ Choir Primary School production (Kapellmeister: Alexander Jost)
The Vienna Boys’ Choir Girls’ Chorus (Conductor: Stefan Foidl)
Alexandra, Alyssa, Désirée, Elisabeth, Emilia, Nicole, Stephanie
Members of Chorus Juventus (Conductor: Michael Grohotolsky)
Schubert-Akademie (Co-ordinator: Matthias Eckart)