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20 years of the “Jiddischer Kulturherbst” (Autumn of Yiddish Culture) – Dagmar Schwarz, Inge Maux & Band
“Mameloschn daheim”

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“A majsse in a jiddische schtetel” opens the door to another world, where people still live their lives according to biblical traditions and the spiritual and religious ways of their forefathers. “Tsu sain a mentsch”, colourful and touching, but also full of suffering…yet not without pride, and not without honour. Narrated by Sholem Alejchem, Jizchok Leib and Shalom Asch… read and sung by Inge Maux und Dagmar Schwarz, with klezmer music played by Horst Hausleitner and Alexander Shevchenko Dagmar Schwarz Theatre: Collaboration including (among others) the directors Giorgio Strehler, George Tabori, Karl Heinz Hackl, and Fernando Arrabal… Film and television including “Wohin und Zurück/Santa Fe“ (directed by Axel Corti), “Bride of the Wind” (directed by Bruce Beresford), „Auswege” (directed by Nina Kusturica)…”Der Zug” (directed by Damiano Damiani) Readings and solo programmes including “Jeder Stern hat seine eigene Zeit”, (Else Lasker-Schüler), “Eine alltägliche Verwirrung”“ (Milena Jesenská – Franz Kafka), “Briefwechsel” (Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy) Inge Maux Theatre: Schauspielhaus Cologne, Schauspielhaus Zurich, Residenztheater Munich,Theater in der Josefstadt, Raimundtheater, zur Zeit am Volkstheater “Glorious” etc. Film and television: Paradies Liebe Zweisitzrakete, Boys like us, Vecchi Pazzi, Braunschlag, Paul Kemp-der Mediator, Spuren des Bösen-Schande. CDs of Yiddish songs Horst Hausleitner Studied classical clarinet and jazz saxophone at the Konservatorium Wien University. Member of the Vereinigten Bühnen Wien Orchestra. Because of his ability to switch between musical styles, he can be found playing the classics, rock ‘n roll, jazz or klezmer, as well as appearing on the theatre stage and performing as both an orchestral member and a soloist. As a sideman, he has worked alongside stars such as Liza Minelli, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Chaka Kahn, Nina Hagen, Peter Alexander and many more. He has played in a big band with Joe Zawinul and jammed with Bill Clinton. Alexander Shevchenko is a master of the accordion with a unique and fascinating style. He has toured Japan, where he performs virtually every year, as well as Germany, Italy, England, Uzbekistan, Russia, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and of course Ukraine, his birthplace. He was awarded a diploma in bajan (Russian button accordion) and has won numerous competitions, both as a soloist and a conductor, in Russia.