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20 years of the “Jiddischer Kulturherbst” (Autumn of Yiddish Culture) – Roman Grinberg & guests
Featuring Bessarabian Taraf “Yiches – Doyres – Shteygers”

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Back to the roots. That’s how Roman Grinberg’s latest project can almost be described. As his audience knows full well, this energetic artists is forever seeking new challenges in the area of Jewish music. But what’s unusual is the instrumentation that he is using to tackle his subject this time. A large classical string orchestra, spiced up with a hot rhythm section, and seasoned with the unique and fiery sound of Bessarabian folk traditions, all blended with Klezmer. Clarinet and piano combined with a voice which was born to interpret Yiddish songs. This is the concept which Roman Grinberg is presenting at this year’s Jiddischer Kulturherbst. For this concert, he has also chosen to fly in three musicians from Moldova who are counted among the finest players in the folk music world. Grinberg’s close friend Sasha Danilov, the clarinet virtuoso, who was also born in Moldova and now lives in Vienna, completes the overall sound of this large orchestra. “I wanted to let the music of my childhood ring out once again, just as I heard it from my father” says Grinberg, “and just like it was played at Jewish festivals in the SchtetIn of Moldova and the Ukraine. For this is the music of my people. But I also wanted to give it something new, to breathe new life into it.” Tickets: €32/27/22, schoolchildren and students €20