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20 years of the “Jiddischer Kulturherbst” (Autumn of Yiddish Culture) – the Varnitshkes from Lviv
“Yiddish zingt zikh azoy sheyn!”

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The Vanichtkes celebrate their premiere appearance in Vienna with “Yiddish zingt zikh azoy sheyn!”. The troupe’s members come from a variety of artistic influences – jazz, pop and theatre. This is evident in the diversity of their interpretations of Yiddish songs – some old, some new, some well known and some rarely heard – and this is what makes them so special. The group’s members, who range in age from 18 to 75, put their own stamp on the programme, and the songs – solos, duets, and choral performances – are accompanied by violin, guitar, percussion, bass and piano. A comfortable, homely atmosphere is blended here with “hippy” rock and roll, and old arrangements are interspersed with new. A musical cocktail, lovingly mixed. And the recipe was created 75 years ago by the vibrant Jewish community in Lviv, which at that time made up a third of the city’s inhabitants…