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20 years of the “Jiddischer Kulturherbst” (Autumn of Yiddish Culture) – Valeriya Shishkova & di Vanderer “A teyl vun dir – a teyl vun mir”
Yiddish songs and klezmer

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Over recent years, Valeriya Shishkova, who was born in Moscow but has lived in Dresden for fourteen years, has become known as one of the most outstanding interpreters of Yidish songs in Germany.

As well as traditional Yiddish music and klezmer, Valeriya Shishkova & Di Vanderer also play contemporary compositions based on texts by classical and modern Yiddish authors.

Their repertoire also includes their own compositions based on poems by the Israeli writers Lev Berinsky and Michael Felsenbaum, who both belong to that small group of authors – possibly the last of their kind – who write not in Hebrew, but in their Yiddish mother tongue.

“Each man is a mixture. Within him there is a part that is himself and a part which comes from others – from his parents, his friends, and from those he loves.

And when a man comes into the world in one country but lives in another, there is always within him a part that comes from his people and a part that comes from the other people.”

That is the story of this evening’s performance, which includes Yiddish songs and klezmer, songs by Jewish authors and a few songs penned by the singer.

  • vocals: Valeriya Shishkova
  • clarinet: Gennadiy Nepomnjaschy
  • piano and flute: Sergey Trembitskiy

„…so können jiddische Lieder nur überzeugend gesungen werden, wenn man sie im Herzen trägt – wie Valeriya Shishkova… Die wandlungsfähige, warme Stimme der Sängerin machte Tränen ebenso hörbar wie das stille Licht des Monds, ließ den Vogelflug erleben wie das unendliche Glück der Liebe.

Klaus-Dieter Simmen