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Illustration: Angelica Bösch

A Christmas journey with Lars and Sven 2018
A musical journey through Europe with the children of the Vienna Boys' Choir Primary School

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Whoa, whoa …reindeers halt! Let me introduce Lars and Sven, my reindeers. They’re pretty cool, aren’t they? They pull my sled on a Christmas journey across Europe. We all fly together to lots of different countries. Children are longing for us to arrive, everywhere we go. They have lots of musical surprises in store for us. And as for who I am …well, I think I’ve told you that already. Ho-ho-ho!!!

Writers: Ursula Müller and Angelica Bösch

Tickets: €20/ €18/ €15, box seats €28; Student Club, children and young people: €11/ €9/ €7


  • Writer: Ursula Müller
  • Writer: Angelica Bösch