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A Common Hope
A benefit concert in aid of the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute

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Under the banner of “Gemeinsamen Hoffnung” (A Common Hope), professional musicians are coming together once again this year and getting involved as volunteers in support of this charitable enterprise. As in the past (and in the future too), the basic idea is that the net proceeds of this benefit concert will go towards a specific project. This time the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute support organisers have decided that it is important for the group to ensure that children who have had the misfortune to be diagnosed with cancer get a chance, and to provide a boost to research being carried out in this area.

You can look forward to an exciting, varied programme, with performances to suit young and old alike. Two complete works will be performed, one by Camille Saint-Saens and the other by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, each being played upon two pianos. The pianos will have orchestral accompaniment.

Come ready to be surprised – and at the same time you’ll be helping “in common” to give children with this diagnosis a chance and, above all, to send them a little bit of “hope”.

Tickets: €25