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A return ticket to the Balkans, Buenos Aires and Africa
Concert for children

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Dances from Africa, South America and the Balkans

A musical journey through a variety of rhythms and melodies.

But what do these rhythms and melodies express? What do they tell us about the people who first discovered them? The virtuosi Shkelzen Doli, Friedrich Kleinhapl and their friends are our tour guides on this cultural expedition.

Hosted by: Mirjam Jessa, Ö1

Free admission! (Maximum of four tickets per person, excluding school groups)

Please get your tickets from the MuTh ticket office, Am Augartenspitz 1, 1020 Wien

  • cello: Friedrich Kleinhapl
  • violin: Shkelzen Doli
  • clarinet: Hidan Mamudov
  • flute: Sylvie Lacroix
  • percussion: Thomas Lechner
  • electric guitar: Edi Köhldorfer