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A Thousand and One Songs 88
Music from the Arab world / A Vienna Boys’ Choir production

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The first time the Vienna Boys’ Choir were invited to an Arab country was in 1967; on that occasion, it was the Lebanon. During the 1980s visits followed to Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. The Vienna Boys’ Choir has been performing concerts in the Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait for about ten years.

Songs were searched out from the entire Arab world for this concert; the spectrum ranges from fishing songs from the Yemen to contemporary compositions by Khaled Mouzanar, Abu Khalil and Souad Massi. The Christian hymn for Good Friday, “Wa habibi”, which provides the melancholy opening song for the “Silk Road”, is naturally included.

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €, Box seats 37 €
Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • conductor: Bomi Kim
  • artistic director: Gerald Wirth