Musik & Theater

Actin’ in the MuTh
A theatre workshop by Sylvia Rotter for ages 6-18

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“An open stage!” That’s the theme for the workshop for children and young people  being held by the Wiener Kindertheater in MuTh on 10th November 2013.

The young participants will have two hours in which they can let loose their creativity, taste the stage atmosphere, give free rein to their imaginations, be someone else, and discover the world anew.

The Wiener Kindertheater lets them learn about this world in a playful fashion, by making up situations and slipping into a wide variety of roles, as well as through improvisation, dance, and much more besides. In the end, children should be doing what they do best: freely acting out the delight they find in play and experimentation.

Costumes and make-up are included.