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Adalbert Gans Adalbert Gans

Adalbert Gans / colorlights / modulart in the MuTh

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Leo Königsberg will provide musical accompaniment on his Spacecello, .
Mag. Alexandra Grubeck will give a talk on the exhibition.

Adalbert Gans
Born in 1970. Lives and works in Antwerp.

Adalbert Gans has no interest in the industry of art, in its traditions or its self-image. If, nevertheless, one insisted on placing him within an artistic tradition, one would certainly have to class him as an abstract artist. Much of what he creates flows straight from him. It has an essential quality; it expresses an indomitable love of life that doesn’t always manifest itself in kindness or malleability. His work moves the viewer directly. It illuminates, it shocks, it brings the internal to the exterior. It embodies excitement, and it continues to be exhilarating, even on a second viewing. You too will find yourself looking more than once, and not only at the two-dimensional form.

The exhibition opens at MuTh on 12th February and runs until 24th June 2019.