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Alarmstufe Apfelrot (Alert level: cherry red – in German)
A musical play by Year 4 of the Vienna Boys' Choir Primary School

* abgespielt

Based loosely on the picture book “Das Biest des Monsieur Racine” (Mr Racine’s Creature) by Tomi Ungerer recreated by the children of Year 4,
adapted by Angelica Bösch and Arnold Schlechter.

In the pleasant little village of Pommerau lives a pensioner called Adalbert. His garden is his pride and joy. Strange things are happening at night-time, things which leave him puzzled. Would you like to be there, when the whole village sets out on a mysterious trail?
Who will be first to discover the secret? What does the troublemaker actually look like?

Tickets: Band A €16/ B €14/ C €12; box seats €26
Children and young people: A €9 / B €7 / C €5
Schoolchildren in class groups €5