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All Japan Youth Orchestra
European Tour 2017

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The players are mostly middle school and high school students who are not studying music as a curriculum subject, but enjoy making music with others, either in after-school clubs or in their own free time. The group was put together in February, and has undergone two days’ intensive tuition at the hands of the highly experienced conductor Yoshinori Kawach. Before setting off for Europe in March, the orchestra will prepare for their concert performances in Vienna and elsewhere with a further two days of rehearsals.

The orchestra have made this concert tour, which always takes place in March, a total of twenty times so far, and to date 1,897 middle and high school pupils from various cities across Japan have participated.

The opportunity to play and work together — rehearsing, travelling abroad, focussing on the music all the time — not only helps the pupils’ musical development, but also aids their personal growth. Being on tour together means they can become friends. At the same time, the concerts and the experience of a different culture gives them the chance to make and meet friends in Europe.

The orchestra has also played together with local European orchestras, choirs and soloists. Travel enables the pupils to get to know foreign cultures and see things from a fresh perspective.

1, Ouverture zu Coriolan/Ludwig van Beethoven

2, Gold und Silber/ Franz Lehár

3, Pelleas et Melisande-Prelude/ Gabriel Faure

4, Petite Suite – 2.Cortege 4.Ballet/Claud Debussy

5, A music piece from Leroy Anderson- Syncopated Clock

6, Japanese song – Moon over the Ruined Castle – Kojo no Tsuki

7, Overture Iphigenie en Aulide/ Gluck arr. Wagner

0 min.

Tickets: €10; Children and senior citizens: €5