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An Autumn of Yiddish Culture: "At the Rebbe’s Table"
A matinee with Chief Rabbi Paul Chaim Eisenberg

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Chief Rabbi Paul Chaim Eisenberg is serving up a rather special offering. During the course of this matinee you will not only enjoy typical Jewish dishes such as ge?filte fish with horseradish, chopped liver, pirogi (pies), cholent (bean stew) and latkes (potato pancake), but you will also hear plenty of Yiddish songs, amusing anecdotes and interesting items about traditional kosher meals. Musical accompaniment for Rabbi Eisenberg will be provided by Alon Kupert and Wolfgang Tockner. In between, while you enjoy your meal Martin Oswatitsch will blend Yiddish songs with the sounds of jazz.

Tickets: including kosher food on the stage € 49; without food (free choice of auditorium seating) € 22