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An der Feigheit krankt die Welt (The world is plagued by cowardice)
An encounter with Bertha von Suttner / dramatic reading and concert

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Bertha von Suttner’s strength and determination and her diverse yet little-known writing were what inspired Susanne Eisenkolb to create this evening’s performance. This is a homage to a great woman and a chance to meet the unknown people behind the world-famous name. Music serves here to complement and deepen the impact of the text. This “Great, magnanimous modern-day Cassandra” (Stefan Zweig) was a combative and unusually prolific woman, yet also a charming and amusing music-lover who changed Europe through the power of her words and her personality. Today she still serves as a role model and a source of encouragement. Including extracts from Bertha von Suttner’s novels, memoirs and diaries, together with extracts from her correspondence with Leo Tolstoy, Alfred Nobel, Theodor Herzl and others. Featuring works by Herwig Reiter, Johann Strauss, Richard Strauss and Franz von Suppé.

Tickets: €24 / discounts €12

  • Actor: Christoph Schobesberger
  • Chorus Viennensis
  • Actor: Susanne Eisenkolb