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Anca & Lucca Lucian

Anca & Lucca
The Mind-Reading Revolution

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Europe’s finest mind-readers work their magic — illusions that are impossible to explain!

Mind-reading and clairvoyance — are such things really possible? Or is it all just illusions that can be explained away? Even though these world-class mind-readers — Vice-World Champions and European Champions — reveal the secrets of mentalism in this show, they still leave everybody in speechless amazement. During the performance the audience members themselves become part of these unrivalled new mental magic illusions

This is mentalism “unplugged”.
Experience the art of mind trickery first-hand!
No set-ups — no planted assistants — no electronic subterfuge.
Anca & Lucca Lucian offer every audience member a solemn, notarized guarantee to the value of $1,000,000 if they use any set-ups, planted audience members or secret electronic aids in their “Mind-Reading Revolution” show.

Tickets: Band A €59/ B €52/ C €42