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Angst (1928)
A silent film by Hans Steinhoff based on an original idea by Stefan Zweig / Music by Florian C. Reithner / Orchester Filmharmonie / Conductor: Florian C. Reithner

* abgespielt

Orchester Filmharmonie (the “Filmharmonic Orchestra”) was founded in 2004. Its players include members of major Austrian orchestras as well as freelance musicians. Since 2006 the Filmharmonie has been commissioning compositions which set noteworthy silent films to music. As a result, their repertoire expands every year by enough new film music to fill at least an evening’s concert. The Filmharmonie’s concerts thus reflect the wide spectrum of silent film-making. Tickets: €34/29/24; box seats €44; children and young people €20/15/9