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Julian Loidl, Aquarium; Foto: (C) Deborah Söll

Aquarium, or The Last Chance (in German)
Musical for an actor

* abgespielt

A composer of musical theatre — recently working as a consultant, in his mid-30s, the divorced father of one daughter — is sitting in his study and printing off his latest work. This is the day he will present it to a friendly theatre director. As he is printing out the piece, he recites, sings and dances his way through the plot of his musical . Or is he telling the story of his own life? His unsuccessful life as an artist, husband and father? Will the play be a success, and prove to be his salvation? Will he finally manage it, or fail yet again?

“A one-man musical, ‘Aquarium‘ is the story of a man who would have preferred to have rewritten not only his play several times, but also his life. Its power to move lies in the unremitting honesty of his confession.“ (Die Presse)

Tickets: Standard tickets: €28; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €15

  • Actor: Julian Loidl
  • Music: Otto Jankovich
  • Book: Otto Jankovich
  • Director: Otto Jankovich