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Chorus Juventus, Foto: Lukas Beck

Arthur Honegger’s King David
A production by the High School Senior Class of the Vienna Boys' Choir/ A cooperation between Chorus Juventus and Musikgymnasium Innsbruck (Innsbruck High School for Music)

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Honegger’s oratorio incorporates quarter-tones and bitonal melodies set within a rich, ornamental framework. It was written to accompany a play by René Morax on the Old Testament story of David, the shepherd boy who became a king. Originally conceived as a dramatic piece, the two artists decided to rewrite it to make it easier to stage, recasting the tale as an oratorio for soprano, alto, tenor, narrator, mixed choir and orchestra. It has a diverse choral arrangement, with the chorus singing at times monophonically, in mixed four-part harmony, and as male and female choirs.

Tickets: €21/ €18/ €14; box seats €31; Student Club, children and young people: €13/ €10/ €8

  • Choir: Chorus Juventus
  • Production: Michael Grohotolsky
  • Production: Daniel Erazo-Muñoz
  • Choir & orchestra: Musikgymnasium Innsbruck
  • Production: Siegfried Portugaller
  • Production: Wolfgang Schnirzer
  • Overall direction: Michael Grohotolsky