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Monika Ballwein, Foto: Stefan Panfili

Ballwein celebrates The Beatles
The band. The sound. The vision. The voice.

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A woman interpreting Beatles songs? Can that really work? Yes — and how! The internationally renowned soloist Monika Ballwein finally gets to realise her dream of a solo Beatles programme.
Also involved in the project: Martin Wöss (pianist/ arranger), Ballwein Band musician Volker Wadauer on bass, Christian Ziegelwanger on drums, Christian Einheller on percussion, Milos Todorovski on the accordion, and a string quartet.
Ballwein’s versions of Beatles favourites does not include the guitar; but in its place we have the soul-soothing tenderness of strings and accordion. The vocalist is first to admit that her free interpretation is a long way from the original. But that’s what she intended …

“I didn’t just want to do Beatles covers!”
says Monika Ballwein of her new programme, “Ballwein celebrates The Beatles”. “The challenge was to take the magic of the Beatles compositions that bit further — and to do it in my own, personal way. Interpreting these masterpieces in a way which truly reflects the performer involves a lot more work than people realise. It’s almost as creative as composing. Pianist and arranger Martin Wöss and I have come up with some lovingly crafted, rather jazzy arrangements. I think we’ve succeeded in capturing the magic of the Beatles songs and found a new narrative form at the same time.”