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Foto: Shanghai-Disabled-Peoples-Performing-Art-Troupe Foto: Shanghai-Disabled-Peoples-Performing-Art-Troupe

Beautiful China, colourful Jiangnan
Vienna Golden Autumn Gala Concert

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A scintillating performance featuring the traditional sounds and folk dances of China. The Shanghai Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe is entirely composed of artists with disabilities. It is especially remarkable to see these hearing-impaired dancers move together in perfect harmony as a single body. Enjoy the rich and glorious colours of Chinese tradition, in the company of a string quartet, a choir — and, above all, these marvellous dance artistes.

Dance and traditional Chinese music, prepared and performed by artists with disabilities.

Free admission. To book, e-mail:

  • Dance & music: Shanghai Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe
  • String quartet: Vienna Caprice String Quartet
  • Choir: Fairy Tale of the Vienna Chinese Philharmonic Choir