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Beethoven – a roaring silence
A Lions Benefit Concert / Violin: Lidia Baich / Cello: Friedrich Kleinhapl / Piano: Andreas Woyke / Narrator: Paul Wolff-Plottegg

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Lions Benefit Concert in aid of hearing-impaired children

Extracts from Beethoven’s cello and violin sonatas, together with contemporary letters written by, to, and about Beethoven.

Beethoven had a roller-coaster life: sometimes joyous, sometimes in absolute despair. He was enormously exciting and extremely intense. He could often be hot-headed, but was also tremendously sensitive. His hearing declined from childhood, until one day the world fell silent for him.

But he felt pure thunder in his soul. This is the “roaring silence” which Friedrich Kleinhapl and his friends pursue as they play his music, tell his story and read from the writings of this Titan among men.

Ticket prices: € 40/35/30

  • violin: Lidia Baich
  • cello: Friedrich Kleinhapl
  • piano: Andreas Woyke
  • narrator: Paul Wolff-Plottegg