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Benefiz neunerhaus_Sinfonia Academia_c_John Sobek Benefiz neunerhaus_Sinfonia Academia_c_John Sobek

Benefit concert for Neunerhaus
Sinfonia Academica

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Neunerhaus is a Vienna-based social organisation which aims to provide homeless people and those at risk of poverty with opportunities for self-determination and a decent life. Their aim is to help people to help themselves and  improve their lives for the long term. For Neunerhaus, helping homeless people build a future always means helping them with healthcare provision as well. Physical health is a key factor in successfully finding the route out of a precarious life, whether it’s exiting a life on the street, or getting away from sleeping on friends’ couches, or quitting an abusive relationship, or leaving a half-way house to lead your own life in your own four walls .   The multi-disciplinary team at the Neunerhaus health centre comprises general practitioners, social workers, medical support staff and a graduate nursing sister, as well as dentists and dental assistants. It offers both medical support and counselling on an anonymous basis, free of charge. Whenever there is a language barrier, a video interpreting service is used to provide translations into and from almost any language. The Neunerhaus health centre serves around 4,400 people every year – and the numbers are increasing.

W.A. Mozart: Sinfonia concertante
R. Schumann: Symphony No 3, the “Rhenish”


  • Orchestra: Sinfonia Academica
  • Conductor: Ewaki Donhoffer
  • Violin: Iris Krall-Radulian
  • Viola: Marta Potulska