Musik & Theater

“… between the lives …”
A performance of contemporary dance and art presented by MELTING.

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Do we truly live the lives we want? In the 21st century, man lives out his various lives – between dreams and reality – like a well-oiled machine. So much energy gets used up in the “hamster wheel”. „… between the lives …“ reflects familiar daily rituals and thoughts from several unusual perspectives, and questions the balance between the desires that we hold and the reality that we live.

Tickets: €34/29/24, box seats €44, children and young people €20/15/9

  • lighting design: Andrea Korosec
  • dramatic direction, video and photography: Christian Kremsner
  • musical director, composition: Julie Anastassiou
  • choreography: Lucia Riccelli
  • artistic director: Chrstina Nikolaidis-Strommer