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Beyond Words
Ulrich Drechsler Trio feat. Efrat Alony

* abgespielt

“Beyond Words” – when words lose their power, the world of music begins, unfettered and unambiguous! “Beyond Words” appeared in 2012 (Enja Yellowbird Records). This album, one of Ulrich Drechsler’s most successful albums at that time, was the first occasion the high, dreamlike voice of Israel’s Efrat Alony was heard alongside the clarinettist. Extended concert tours followed with a larger line-up. Now Ulrich Drechsler performs his “Beyond Words” programme in an intimate setting, with Efrat Alony and the splendid Austrian pianist Benny Omerzell.

Tickets: € 22; Children and young people: € 15

  • Piano: Benny Omerzell
  • Vocals: Efrat Alony
  • Ulrich Drechsler