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Bona Vox

* abgespielt

So this is how choristers from the Vienna Boys Choir look after their voices have broken! VieVox was formed three years ago with the aim of creating a dynamic vocal ensemble out of former members of the Choir. Eight experienced singers have joined forces, and together they make a unique sound. As “voices of Vienna”, their common musical history, their evident joy in music-making and their sheer professionalism ensure they win their audience over.

The theme of their performance at MuTh is “Goodnight”. But with well-known selections from the opera, pieces by the Comedian Harmonists and favourites from the Bee Gees, these young men will be making sure that concertgoers will do anything but fall asleep this evening. As an additional highlight, Thomas Weinhappel will be performing together with VieVox.

Ticket prices: €17, Children and young people: €12

  • baritone: Thomas Weinhappel