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British Invasion

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A concert with a moderator, by the Burgenland Youth Symphony Orchestra                 Conductor: Ferdinand Breitschopf

In their new programme, the Burgenland Youth Symphony Orchestra plays music from Great Britain. The first part of the concert features music by the greatest British classical composers: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst and William Walton. In the second part of the concert, the orchestra makes its first appearance with a band line-up. This section focuses on the best-known and most influential of English “composers” in the history of pop music: the Beatles.

Works by Ralph Vaughan-Williams, William Walton, Gustav Holst,
The Beatles, and Sir George Martin

A concert for schoolchildren from Year 7 and up
Educational materials will be available in advance.

Tickets: €15; schoolchildren and accompanying teachers: €6

  • Conductor: Ferdinand Breitschopf