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190429_Cafe Drechsler_© Max Parovsky 190429_Cafe Drechsler_© Max Parovsky

Café Drechsler: And Now … Boogie!
Tenor saxophone: Ulrich Drechsler. Double bass: Oliver Steger. Percussion: Alex Deutsch

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They’re back at MuTh, even more compelling and direct than ever: cult band Café Drechsler return with their jazz-flavoured album “And Now … Boogie”. Everything is stripped down to the bare essentials here. Genuine, intense music-making – the acoustic Café Drechsler trio at its purest.

Alex Deutsch, Oliver Steger and Ulrich Drechsler first developed their unique musical approach many years ago, a style that has just one aim – GET DANCING! Founded in 2000, the trio first came to public attention with their album “Café Drechsler” (2002) followed by “Radio Snacks” (2004). Their latest album is an irresistible mix of styles, including Trip-Hop, Breakbeat, Drum’n’Bass, Minimal & Detroit Techno.

Drawing inspiration from the best of today’s club music, both acoustic and electronic, the two-man rhythm section delivers a powerful pulse of relentless beats and sub-bass that is normally only heard in programmed electronic music. Meanwhile Drechsler’s saxophone continues to throw out all manner of sounds, rhythms and melodies in every direction. You don’t need anything else. Honestly!

Tickets: €30; students €15

  • Tenor saxophone: Ulrich Drechsler
  • Double bass: Oliver Steger
  • Percussion: Alex Deutsch