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Café Drechsler

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Once there was a marvellous band, a complete one-off, by the name of Café Drechsler: AND NOW THEY’RE BACK! Years ago Alex Deutsch, Oliver Steger and Ulrich Drechsler developed their own totally unique musical concept. Now Café Drechsler has an up-to-the-minute style all of its own, with just one thing in mind – DANCING! Formed in 2000 by Oliver Steger, Alex Deutsch and Ulrich Drechsler, the group attracted a lot of attention with their albums “Café Drechsler” (2002) and “Radio Snacks” (2004).

And now Café Drechsler are back. Today they take their inspiration from the best that the current acoustic and electronic music scene has to offer, fashioning an irresistible mix of TripHop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Minima & Detroit Techno etc, etc, etc …
Alex Deutsch and Oliver Steger supply the relentless beats and sub-bass, referencing sounds some of which are normally found only in programmed electronic music.
Ulrich Drechsler plays the saxophone, but not just as a melody instrument; he constantly ties it into the overall experience, and uses it as much to create rhythm as to produce musical notes. Nothing else is required!

Tickets: €23; students €15