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Camerata Con Brio & FLAUTissimO! from Musikschule Wien
A Musikschule Wien presentation

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Musikschule Wien is firmly focused on collaborative music-making. Today, two of their orchestras and ensembles — drawn from all over Vienna — can be heard at MuTh. Camerata Con Brio is a youth chamber orchestra for schoolchildren enrolled in string classes.

FLAUTissimO! is Musikschule Wien’s flute ensemble.

FLAUTissimO! plays works by Johann Joachim Quantz, Johann Scherer, Igor Hudadoff and Johan Nijs

Tickets: €12; children: €6

  • FLAUTissimO!
  • Conductor: Peter Wolf
  • Camerata Con Brio Jugendkammerorchester der Musikschule Wien
  • Director: Fereshteh Rahbari