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Carl Orff: Carmina Burana
Chorus Juventus & the Vienna Boys' Choir / Arranged for two pianos and percussion

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The wheel of fate turns forever. Those at the crest of the cycle can plummet to its depths in the blink of an eye; for the world is ruled by the goddess Fortuna. “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi” is the name given to the first and last sections of Carl Orff’s setting of the “Carmina Burana”, a collection of medieval texts which describe various aspects of life: scenes of springtime and love, songs of celebration, drinking songs, the awakening of nature and of feelings. In presenting this rich panoply of imagery from life, Chorus Juventus and the Vienna Boys’ Choir together with solo performers perform the work in the version arranged for two pianos and percussion.

Recommended for families with children aged twelve and over.

Tickets: Band A €21/ B €18/ C €14; box seats €31; MuTh Club Student, children and young people: A €13 / B €10 / C €8

  • Choirs: Chorus Juventus and the Vienna Boys' Choir