Musik & Theater

Caruso the musical tomcat plays detective
A musical adventure with puppets, bassoon, tenor and piano

Someone has stolen the Empress’s favourite diamond from her in Vienna. Apparently the thieves smuggled the gem out of the palace in a tin of K&K cat food. There’s only one who can solve this puzzle: Caruso the musical tomcat, with his sensitive nose and razor-sharp hearing!

The young ginger tomcat made his first appearance in November 2013. He has his very own theme tune, and has already released a number of CDs that tell of his thrilling adventures. Stefan Buri on bassoon and Tobias Rütti at the piano create a motley mix of classical, jazz and folk music. Stefan Buri is artistic director and also plays Caruso the tomcat, while Christina Buri provides the fun-filled dialogue. KS Herbert Lippert also appears in the production at MuTh.

Recommended ro the young-at-heart aged 3 to 99.

Tickets: Band A €36/ B €34/ C €30; box seats €46; MuTh Club Student, children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Bassoon; Caruso the musical tomcat: Stefan Buri
  • Tenor: KS Herbert Lippert
  • Piano: Tobias Rütti
  • Dialogue and props: Christina Buri
  • Artistic Direction: Stefan Buri