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Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung in the MuTh Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung

Celebrating 50 years of the Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung
Gala concert

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The Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung (Vienna Musical Arts Society) celebrates its 50th anniversary with a gala concert. Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung member Karlheinz Schrödl has composed his Opus 192, “Musica Festiva” to mark the occasion. The concert opens with the world premiere performance of this piece. The Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung and their guests present a wide range of music fit for a celebration. The programme includes Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy, choruses and arias from well-loved operas, and a selection of waltzes. The evening culminates in the Finale II from “Die Fledermaus”.
The Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung is one of the few musical associations in Vienna to have its own choir and orchestra. From its first beginnings, the society has dedicated itself to preserving major works of choral and orchestral literature of the Classical and Romantic periods. The players’ joy in making music together is self-evident, and their concerts have become a frim fixture on the amateur music scene.

Tickets: Band A €28/ B €25/ C €22; box seats €22,
Children, young people and students: A €15/ B €12/ C €12

  • Conductor: Laura Pérez Soria
  • Orchestra & Choir: Wiener Tonkunstvereinigung
  • Piano: Christian Badian
  • Soprano: Nathalie Peña Comas
  • Soprano: Maria Bisso
  • Mezzosoprano: Flaka Garanci
  • Bass: Günther Haumer