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Sakura – the Vienna Boys' Choir’s new Japanese programme, in a concert with staged settings

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The Vienna Boys’ Choir is a leading exporter. Even back in the days of the Emperor Maximilian, travelling and performing in foreign lands was a routine affair for the young singers in the court boys’ choir.
As “the Vienna Boys’ Choir”, they have been out on the road, singing and collecting songs, since 1924. So far they’ve done more than 1,000 tours, taking in 100 different countries and performing 30,000 concerts. Almost 30 million people have seen the Choir over the last century.

How is it nowadays when the Vienna Boys’ Choir goes on tour? What impressions remain, what experiences stay with them? How do audiences around the world enjoy their performances?

For many years, the people of Vienna could only hear the Choir in the Burgkapelle or at the opera house – they only gave “proper” choral concerts abroad. Here at MuTh, that has now been put right. Unsurprisingly, we have introduced a flavour of our own: when the Choir performs its tour programme, the concerts feature dramatic elements, and may include the odd anecdote – all with a sense of mischief and fun, but always highly professional. And that’s how the audience gets to travel with them.

  • Director: Susanne Sommer
  • Conductor: Luiz de Godoy
  • Wiener Sängerknaben