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Composer, teacher, priest: Antonio Vivaldi
Chamber music concert with presenter, featuring members of the Vienna Philharmonic.

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We’ve all heard it. A few bars of Vivaldi — coming out of a mobile phone, in an advert, or in the supermarket. And it’s always from the same piece of music: the Four Seasons. Yet the creator of this work faded into obscurity within his own lifetime, and was buried in Vienna — 50 years before Mozart — in a pauper’s grave.

Recommended for schoolchildren aged ten to fourteen.
Free admission. To register, visit:

Works by von Antonio Vivaldi

  • Ensemble: Neue Wiener Solisten
  • Violin: Maxim Brilinksy
  • Violin: Johannes Dickbauer
  • Violin: Maria Ehmer
  • Violin: Katharina Englebrecht
  • Violin: Lily Francis
  • Violin: Luka Ljubas
  • Viola: Thomas Hasek
  • Viola: Michael Strasser
  • Cello: Sebastian Bru
  • Cello: David Pennetzdorfer
  • Double bass: Iztok Hrastnik